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Range of GK switches

Type variants

Open switches:  GK 20…GK 315

3 pole ON-OFF switches

4 pole ON-OFF switches

Plastic-enclosed switches:  GK 20…GK 315

Fit to 45 mm mount plate-slot, 3 – pole
ON – OFF  switches
with degree of protection IP 40

Technical data of switches GK

Work help to choise of GK switches

On the basis of EN 60204-1:2010  standard
(Safety of machinary. Electrical equipment of machines. Part 1: General requirements)

GK 32 A ON-OFF switch, front mounting,
3 – pole, fit to 45 mm mounting plate-slot
For want of special requirement they are choisable

GK 41 B disconnector front mounting, 3-pole
black  handle before gray background
it has 1 pc OFF and 1 pc ON position, only –  (on 9 and 12 position of  watch’s number plate)
on OFF position it is lockable
its signallind installaiton can show OFF –  position, when the contacts are open

GK 250 emergency stop switch, rear mounting,  3-pole, door-coupling
requirements are the same as disconnectors, but the handle is red and background is yellow

The detailed technical description of the product family is in the catalogue
For further information contact with
engineers Henrik Bom   bom.henrik@ganzkk.hu
or Viktor Ur ur.viktor@ganzkk.hu