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Range of GK switches

Type variants

Open switches:  GK 20…GK 315

3 – pole ON – OFF switches

4 – pole ON – OFF switches

Plastic-enclosed switches:  GK 20…GK 315

Fit to 45 mm mount plate-slot, 3 – pole
ON – OFF  switches with degree of protection IP 40

Technical data of switches GK

Degree of protection:

IP 40; IP 65

Relevant standards:

EN 60947-3; EN 60204


GK 20A  T203/04E emergency stop ON-OFF switch
3-pole front mounting on OFF position it is padlockable
degree of protection: IP 65
the handle is  red and background is yellow

GK 32 A ON-OFF switch,  rear mounting, 3 – pole
fit to 45 mm mounting plate-slot
For want of special requirement they are choisable

GK 41 B disconnector front mounting, 3-pole
black  handle before gray background
it has 1 pc OFF and 1 pc ON position, only  (on 9 and 12 position of  watch’s number  plate)
on OFF position it is padlockable its signallind installation can show OFF –  position, when the contacts are open.

GK 250 emergency stop switch, rear mounting,  3-pole, door-coupling
requirements are the same as disconnectors but the handle is red and background is yellow

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