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„We may not forget our past but must concentrate on the future. We believe in professional knowledge and modern technology, and we endeavour to create permanent value through continuous development and expansion, so our company can thrive for another 100 years. Accordingly, we hope to satisfy customer requirements with a new and dynamic company.”

Welcome from the owner

Welcome to the website of GANZ Kapcsoló- és Készülékgyártó Kft., where you can find information about the background, actual offers and principles of the company with a 100 year-history.
We are proud that we could take over a company in 2017 year that still builds on the traditions and accumulated knowledge of the predecessors while also adapting to the challenges of the 21st century. It is important for us that apart from experience gained over several decades, our company, as a significant operator in the market, represent a value that is unique in the industry: we manufacture Hungarian products as a company with 100% Hungarian ownership.
The work was started with great enthusiasm, so GANZ KK can begin the journey towards full innovation and thereby expanding its position in the market of electrical products both in Hungary and abroad.
Join us during the way, where apart from retaining our values, we do not only have ambition for technological development, but also for full digitalisation and automation.
Everything we do is for the purposes to continue serving our customers’ requirements on the highest possible quality and professional level and to create a permanent value for the electrical industry in Hungary.

Yours sincerely,
Szabó Gergő – Owner, Managing Director
Gansperger Gyula – Owner, Managing Director


In 2018, the company began a journey, where it is going to renew in all aspects. In relation to the support quality production, we did not only consider technological and product development, but we also redesigned their appearance. In addition to modernisation and infrastructure-development, the expansion of our R&D activities also started alongside the establishment of cooperative relationships that could bring the talents of the future closer to our company to work together on the implementation of automation and digitalisation. An even greater emphasis will be placed on our advantage that enables us to design and manufacture completely special and bespoke products under the GANZ KK brand in addition to mass production, so we can serve the unique requirements of our customers.


The stable foundations of our company are owing to the manufacturing technology based on the traditions of centuries, which is continuously renewed.
By assembling the equipment, we also offer a ready-made solution for customers choosing this practical way of outsourcing.
The products are primarily provided to the users through resellers, but we are also ready to satisfy customer demands directly over both traditional and digital platforms.


Even though the export turnover of our company is already significant, we aim for the further expansion of the market around 2018. With our foreign branches and international network, we are present in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Austria, Germany, France, Greece, Romania, Egypt, Slovenia, Turkey, Serbia, Lebanon, Bulgaria, as well as on the markets of the Middle East, the Baltic countries and certain African countries.


We are committed to providing excellent quality for our partners all the time. In order to do this, we operate an integrated quality and corporate governance system (ISO 9001:2015) within production management, which is responsible for the effective operation of the company and the provision of information to customers, in addition to the protection of the environment (ISO 14001:2015). Our EAC Certificates of Conformity are essential for selling products within the area of the Customs Union (Russia and the former countries within the Commonwealth of Independent States).