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GFK 3 light depended relay


Dimming switches type GFK 3 are designed to automatically turn on the various lights in the evening and turn them off at sunrise.


In daylight, the relay inside the device is deenergized. As soon as the light intensity falls to below the adjusted value, it is energized and a circuit is made. The cycle taking place when the light intensity increases is reversed. The circuit is made with a certain delay in order to prevent any unnecessary disconnections due to short-term increases in the light intensity (such as f. in. caused by lightning.)

Adjusted value of the light intensity is 10 – 25 lux by factory, but in order can be delivered with values between 5 and 40 lux.

Rated control circuit voltage: 230 V 50 Hz

Power consumption: max. 5 VA.

Degree of protection: IP 54

Dimensions: 90×90×130 mm
(Diameter of the bell : 80 mm)

Relevant standard: EN 60669

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