H6 thermal relay with reeveable current-transformer to DL-K15…DL-K132 contactors 2019-08-30T13:16:44+00:00

H6 thermal relay with reeveable current-transformer
to DL-K15…DL-K132 contactors

Thermal relay with current-transformer
IP 20

The three phase thermobimetal relays are suitable for the protecting of the electrical consumers – especially electric motors – against overcurrent and overheating.

Current-range [A]

  • 25…36 ; 34…51 ; 51…76 ; 76…113 ;
  • 113…168 ; 168…250 ;
  • The insulatated connecting wires of the main current-paths should be reeved through the holes of the transformer’s body. The lead-in conductors of the secondary winding to the proper terminals of the thermal relay by factory.

Characteristics of H6 thermal relay

  • The value of the motor’s rated current should be adjusted by the knob to the arrow
  • The resetting mode (manual or automatic) can be chosen
  • TEST button is suitable for testing the functional capability
  • The thermal relays have a double slide-system which operates the switch-off mechanism, in case of phase failure it releases faster
  • The contacting mechanism contains two electrically independent NO and NC contacts
  • The compensating bimetallic unit ensures the operation on the given wide ambient temperature
  • The thermal (overload) relays H6 refer to requirement of standard EN 60947-4-1.


They may be used in motorstarter, reversing, star-delta and other combinations.

Relevant standard: EN 60947-4-1
The detailed technical description of the product family is in the catalogue:
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