GMB-T enclosed motorstarter

GMB-T GMB-T Several enclosed motorstarters can be produced for special order. The photo shows a motorstarter combination assembled in a shock- resistant fibreglass moulded enclosure (degree of protection IP 54), which consists 1 pc DLK contactor, 1 pc H0-2K thermal relay, 1 pc miniature circuit breaker, connecting terminals, 1 pc KKVL-... padlockable rotary switch-disconnector with emergency stop, (20 A or 32 A or 63 A), 1 pc twin touch push-button and signalling lamps with LED. The handle of the lock may be removable or with key applied. The dimension and position of stuffing boxes are alternative.
Dimensions of the enclosure on the upper photo are: 250×300×140 mm.

The detailed technical description of the product-family is in the catalogue or can be loaded from catalogue

For further information see the GANZ KK