The GANZ Kapcsoló- és Készülékgyártó Kft. (henceforth abbreviated GANZ KK Ltd.) is the most significant Hungarian manufacturer company of low voltage switchgear and apparatus production for industrial application. GANZ KK Ltd. has a great deal of experience since 1919.

GANZ KK Ltd. was transformed into a private company in 1993, the owners are Hungarian privat persons and employees exclusively.

The company’s products export sales exceed 20 – 25 % of the turnover. Among the foreign customers there are Austria, Germany, French, Greece, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Egypt, Turkey, Libanon, Serbia, Bulgaria and the Middle-East, Baltic and African countries.

GANZ KK Ltd. is successfully cooperating with the Austrian Kraus & Naimer, the Italian Giovenzana, the Slovenian Iskra,  and the Czech EPM ELKO EP. The Company bought earlier licences from Klöckner-Moeller Co. (at present Eaton) Germany and from Schiele Co.

GANZ KK Ltd.’s corporate strategy is the quick response to market demands due to its own development capacity and quality–focused upgrading at the manufacturing procedures.

The company is applying a quality control system according to the ISO 9001 standard audited by TÜV Rheinland.

Our products

The main profile of our company is the manufacturing of low voltage switchgears. Our products are used in almost every field in electric power generation and distribution, in engineering, in the chemical, building and food industry, agriculture, in social establishments, in household as controlling and protective devices.

GANZ KK Ltd. pays special attention to technical advertising, marketing and to keeping direct connections with customers and designing engineers.