Residual current circuit breakers GFI

Residual current circuit breakers GFI GANZ Kapcsoló- és Készülékgyártó Ltd. distributes the GFI residual circuit breakers in the framework of a co-operation with a reputable Western-European company.
Residual current circuit breakers (RCCBs):
- make protective earthing less expensive,
- are most effective to in prevent accidents of electric socks since the current,
- play an important role in preventing fires resulting from deteriorated insulation.
The two- and four-pole RCCBs operate on electromagnetic principle, they have not any electronic system. The electromechanical RCCBs are sensitive to alternating residual currents and pulsating direct currents, the equipment semiconductors does not contain any appliances against overload and short-circuit currents, therefore it should be taken care about them.

Technical data
Rated control supply voltage double-pole 230 V 50 Hz
three-pole 400 V 50 Hz
Rated current 25 A, 40 A, 63 A
Rated residual current 30, 100, 300, 500 mA
Rated conditional short-circuit current 10000 A
Degree of protection IP 20
Cross-section of connactable wires 1...25 mm2
Relevant standard EN 61008; VDE 0664/1

The detailed technical description of the product family is in the printed catalogue

For further information see the GANZ KK 

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