DL-K contactors 22 ... 37 kW

DIL-K22 contactor DIL-K30 contactor DIL-K37 contactor

The type-code of contactors consists the switchable motor power (in utilization category AC-3, at operational voltage 400 V) and the quantity of the built-in free usable NO ans NC auxiliary contacts.
Type Switchable motor-power
Pe[kW] (AC-3; 400V)
Thermal current
DL-K22-11 22 85
DL-K30-11 30 85
DL-K37-11 37 95
DL-K7/c-10 12,5 kVAr
DL-K15/c-11 25 kVAr
DL-K30/c-11 50 kVAr
DL-K37/c-11 60 kVAr
T63I thermal relay 21 ... 75 A
H6 thermal relay 25 ... 250 A
PK22E auxiliary contact-block to front-side
PKB 11 side mounting auxiliary contact-block
BO supressor (60 V és 230 V)
BB mechanical interlock
Degree of protection: IP 20
Relevant standard: EN 60947-4-1

DIL Kiegészítők

The detailed technical description of the product family is in the printed catalogue or down loaded
CONTACTORS FROM 2,2 kW to 132 kW"
For further information see the GANZ KK 

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