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GFI residual current circuit breakers

Designation and principle of operation:

The residual current devices „follow” with attention the momentary value of input and output currents. If the their different exceeds the rated residual current of the device, it operate RCCB and turn-off the equipment within a short time (10…40 ms).

The residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) ist the most effective device for protection of the human life against electric shock. It breaks the electric circuit within a short time (some tenths of second), if the fault (residual) current exceeds the rated fault current of the device. Fault current may be occur in case of short-circuit, infiltration, or in case of touching by human’s body.

The protective function of RCCB includes  fire prevention, resulting from deteriorated insulation and it makes the desing of protective earthing cheaper.

The RCCB-s operate on electromagnetic principle, they do not have any electronic system. They do not have any built-in protection against overcurrents and short-circuit.

Type variants

*At double-poles execution only
** At double-poles Ie = 16 A and 25 A execution only

Degree of protection: IP 20

2p: 35×85×68
4p: 70×85×68 mm

Mounting: to 35 mm rail

Relevant standard:EN 61008

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