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MK minicontactors

The MK minicontactors are suitable for switching of low electrical powers. Their dimensions are small (width: 35 mm and 45 mm). The type-code of contactors consists the switchable motor power (in category AC-3, 400 V) and after the hyphen the quantity of the built-in free usable normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) auxiliary contacts. Letter(G) means the DC-operation.

Type variants


  • KS-02, KS-11, KS-22, KS-31  auxiliary contact blocks
  • MB 7 mechanical  interlock

Control voltage:

  • 6…600 V 50 Hz
  • 6…220 V DC

Degree of protection:

IP 20

Relevant standard:

EN 60947-4-1

Downloadable document

     CONTACTORS FROM 2,2 to 132 kW

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