Kraus & Naimer ROTARY SWITCHES 2021-11-03T15:10:28+00:00


Switches  C, CA, CAD    10…315 A

This family of rotary switches enable a wide application due to the variable contact-systems, contact-materials and possibility of connection.

Switches A, AD     5…40 A

The A-series of rotary switches have 4 pcs contact-pairs (current-paths) per chamber and the installation depth is small, that’s why complex  switching programs are implementable. The number of switch positions can be up to 36.


Switches CG, CH, CHR    10…25 A

These types are ideal for switching of control-systems, devices and electrical motors. The switchgear CG4 has gilt contacts, for this reason they are applicable for switching of small voltages in agressive environment.

Switches series D     6…25 A

Increase contact’s assurance of D-series enable the switching of small voltages in agressive environment too. The contacts can be operated by turning or pressure of the handle.

Switches series X     80…630 A

Double breaking contacts are occasioning small depth of built-in for the switches in one chamber.  The max. number of chambers are 6 pcs, that’s why maximum 18 switching position possible with 36 pcs. contacts.

Accessories, enclosures

Door coupling, lockable handle, padlockable variant, cover for terminals, mechanical and electromechanical interlock, long shaft, illuminated handle, etc. Plastic and aluminium enclosures.

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