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Assembled socket combinations type CsK


CsK… equipment-combinations are suitable for plugging connection, for protection against overcurrents and short circuit currents and for switching ON – OFF of electrical loading equipment.


The base of the combination-family is an enclosure from material polyester strengthening with fibreglass. They are made in three sizes. The cover of enclosure consists a flap-covered transparent, by request padlockable window with 6 module width (12 breakable lamellas), in addition sockets, rotary switches and signalling lamps. Behind the window is a 35 mm rail for snap of clamps and protecting devices. The cover joins to the vessel with 2 pcs hinges on the left side and by unscrew of 2 pcs screws the enclosure can be opened.

Degree of protection: IP 44
Dimensions: 160×260×90 mm,  250×255×120 mm , 400×250×120 mm

Assortment of the flap-covered elements

Protecting elements, which can be built under the window

Order form for the planning of special switching programs for KK type rotary switches:

The detailed technical description of the product-family is in the catalogue
For further information contact Hoczbauer Lajos engineer-constructor
or Lieli György product manager