VH overheat protection relay

VH típusú hővédelmi relé The VH relay is intended to protect industrial electric equipments (first of all motors, but also electric furnaces, welding, X-ray equipment, etc.) against harmful overheating.
Thermistor should be built in protected parts of equipment which must be connected series and to the VH relay.
Features of PTC protection (compared with bimetallic protection):
- one VH relay can protect both winding and bearings of motor;
- it is impossible to disable the operation of the relay or to destroy the efficiency and precisity of protection by handling;
- protection can be performed in case of failures that do not cause harmful increase of current consumption of the motor;
- while utilizing maximum power of the motor protection is guaranted against heavy starting repeated breaking, phase failure, too high or too low supply voltage, high or changing switching frequency.

Technical data
Rated insulation voltage 250 V AC
Rated control supply voltage (Uc) 24; 42; 110;
230 V AC
+ 10 ... - 15%
Connactable thermistors
initial resistance max. 800 ohm
operational resistance 2,5 +- 0.5 kohm
re-switching resistance 1...1,3 kohm
Ambient temperature
operating -5...+40 oC
storage -25...+55 oC
Degree of protection IP 20
Contact arrangement 1 changeover
Relevant standard IEC 255
EN 60947

The detailed technical description of the product family is in the printed catalogue

For further information see the GANZ KK 

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