T63I thermal relay to
DLK-22-...DLK-37- contactors

T 631

The three phase thermobimetall relays are suitable for the protecting of the electrical consumers - especially electric motors - against overcurrent and overheating.

Characteristics of T 63I thermal relay:
The compensating bimetallic unit ensures the operation irrespectively the actual ambient temperature (within the given wide temperature-range).
The resetting mode (manual or automatic) can be chosen.
The thermal relays have a double slide-system which operates the switch-off mechanism, in case of phase failure. It releases faster: (by standard within 2 hours at 15 % overload, but in practice after some minuts).
TEST button is suitable for verification of the functional capability.
The thermal (overload) relays refer to requirement of standard EN 60947-4-1.
The contacting mechanism contains two electrically independent NO and NC contacts.
They may be used in motorstarter, reversing, star-delta and other combinations.
The T 63I thermal relays can be plugged directly to the lower therminals of the DLK-22-11, DLK-30-11 and DLK-37-11 contactors, they cannot mounted independently to a plate or rail.

Choise of adjustable current-range [A]:21 - 30
30 - 40
43 - 63
52 - 75

The detailed technical description of the product-family is in the catalogue or can be loaded from catalogue

For further information see the GANZ KK 

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