H0-2K thermal relay to DLK-4 ... DLK-18 contactors

H0-2K (11344 bytes)

The three phase thermobimetall relays are suitable for the protecting of the electrical consumers - especially electric motors - against overcurrent and overheating.

Characteristics of H0-2K thermal relay:

The compensating bimetallic unit ensures the operation irrespectively the actual ambient temperature (within the given wide temperature-range).
The resetting mode (manual or automatic) can be chosen.
The thermal relays have a double slide-system which operates the switch-off mechanism, in case of phase failure. It releases faster: (by standard within 2 hours at 15 % overload, but in practice after some minuts).
TEST button is suitable for verification of the functional capability.
The thermal (overload) relays refer to requirement of standard EN 60947-4-1.
The contacting mechanism contains two electrically independent NO and NC contacts.
They may be used in motorstarter, reversing, star-delta and other combinations.
In the final technical execution (with adapters) the thermal relay can be connected by wirning to any contactor. The device can be plugged directly to lower terminals of DLK-4-...DLK-18 contactors after removing the fixing yn connecting elements

Choise of adjustable current-range [A]:0,2 - 0,3
0,3 - 0,45
0,45 - 0,67
0,67 - 1,0
1,0 - 1,5
1,5 - 2,2
2,2 - 3,3
3,3 - 4,9
4,9 - 7,3
7,3 - 11,0
11,0 - 16,5
16,5 - 25,0
21,5 - 32,0
Marks of the lower, middle and the upper values of current are printed on the adjusting knob (lower and upper limits on the front plate too). The value of the motor's rated current should be adjusted by the knob to the arrow.
Note: The thermal relays in a star-delta combination are loaded with the phase-current of the motor. The rated operational current of the motor is 3-times as much (that is the line-current). The corresponding lower and upper limits of the line-currents can also be found under the adjusting knob.
The resetting mode ("H" for manual, "A" for automatic) can be chosen by the right side (blue) button.

The detailed technical description of the product-family is in the catalogue or can be loaded from catalogue

For further information see the GANZ KK 

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