Automatic starcase lighting switch GLE 5

GLE5 lépcsőházi automata.jpg

The GLE 5 device is destined supply voltage to the lighting circuits on pushing the "ON" buttons mounted at each floor and to turn lighting off automatically following the adjusted delay time.
Powering the lighting circuit causes a built-in relay to be activated without the "ON" button having to be pushed. This relay drops out elapsing of the T time adjusted on a scale. The whole cycle is repeated whenever the "ON" button is pushed.
One automatic starcase lighting switch is capable of activating altogether 10 pushbuttons with glow tubes and/or any number of pushbuttons without them. Using consumers with a rating in excess of that specified for the relay requires an auxiliary switch to be interconnect.

Technical data
Rated control supply voltage Uc 230 V + 10%, -15 % 50 Hz
Power consumption max. 5 VA
Adjustable delay time 1 ... 10 min +- 20 %
Degree of protection IP 20
Mounting position optional
Built-in relay:
- rated operational voltage
- rated thermal current
- witchable power (with lamps 40 W or 60 W)
- rated operational current
- electrical endurance

1 make
230 V 50 Hz
16 A
1200 W
2 A
100000 c
Dimensions 35x70x70 mm
Fixing by 2 pcs M3 screws or
on a 35 mm rail
Related standard IEC 669

The detailed technical description of the product family is in the printed catalogue

For further information see the GANZ KK 

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