GI multifunctional timers

GI multifunctional timers The GI type muntifunctional timers are interchangeable with following types: GIM, GIF, GIK, GIL, GIB.
The control voltage may be 230 VAC or 24...230 VAC/DC as the type-sign contains values of the control voltage:

The function characteristic


Technical data
Rated control voltage
(Uc) GI 230 V AC
GI 24...230 V AC/DC
230 V AC
24...230 V AC/DC
Allowed tolerance of Uc -15...+10 %
Repeating error +-2 %
Temperature error 0,2% Co
Voltage error 0,1 %/%DUc
Scale error +-5 %
Time needed to restart min. 100 ms
Ambient temperature -5Co ... +50Co
Power consumption max. 3 W ill. 4 VA
Rated insulation voltage 250 V, 50 Hz
Degree of protection IP 20
Mass kb. 0,3 kg
Contact systeme 2 change-over
thermal current 8 A
operational current 2 A (230 V, AC-15)
electrical endurance 2×105 c
mechanical endurance 5×106 c
Relevant standard EN 61812-1: 1999

The detailed technical description of the product family is in the printed catalogue

For further information see the GANZ KK 

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