Dimming switch GFK3

Wiring diagram:
Dimming switches type GFK 3 are designed to automatically turn on the various lights in the evening and turn them off at sunrise.
In daylight, the relay inside the device is deenergized. As soon as the light intensity falls to below the preset value, it is energized and a circuit is made. The cycle taking place when the light intensity increases is reversed. The circuit is made with a certain delay in order to prevent any unnecessary disconnections due to short-term increases in the light intensity (such as f. in. caused by lightning.)
The device comes preset to the desired activating threshold (to be specified when ordering), which is somewhere between 5 and 40 lux. Unless otherwise ordered, it leaves the factory preset to between 10 and 25 lux, a widely accepted rule-of-thumb value.
When installing, should be mounted to a vertical surface, with the covering upwards, using 2 pcs.M5screws.
When mounting, it should be made sure that enough light falls onto the device, and that other light sources possibly disturb with the night-time operation are avoided.
When connecting it should be removed the covering and connected the three-wire cable to the terminal block by reason of wiring diagram given on the data plate.
Recommended wire: A05VV-F3×1 mm , blue, brown, black.
It is a good practice to clean the covering of the dimming switch at regular intervals in function of the climatic conditions in order to prevent reduced transparency.

Technical data
Rated insulation voltage 250 V
Rated control circuit voltageg 230 V 50 Hz +10 %, -15 %
Power consumption 5 VA max.
Activating threshold 10 ... 25 lx
Deactivating threshold 1.3 ... 1.8 times the actual actuating threshold
Operate delay on abrupt changes in light intensity 2 s min.
Switching frequency 120 c/h max.
Degree of protectionIP 54
Shock protection method by double insulation
Operating temperature range -20 ... +50 oC
Wiring capacity 0,5 ... 1,5 mm2
Operating position with the covering pointing upwards
Mass 0,4 kg
Contact 1 make (closed in darkness)
Rated operational voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Rated thermal current 8 A
Allowable loading current and electric enduranceAllowable loading current and electric endurance
in the utilization category AC-15 1,6 A és 105c
with 60Wbulbs max. 900 W és 2×104c
Recommended fuse 6 A(slow-blow)
Relevant standard IEC 669

The detailed technical description of the product family is in the printed catalogue

For further information see the GANZ KK 

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