DL-K contactors 45 ... 132 kW

DL-K45 contactors DL-K75 contactors DL-K132 contactors

The type-code of contactors consists the switchable motor power (in utilization category AC-3, at operational voltage 400 V) and the quantity of the built-in free usable NO ans NC auxiliary contacts.
Type Switchable motor-power
Pe[kW] (AC-3; 400V)
Thermal current
DL-K45-22 45 140
DL-K55-22 55 140
DL-K75-22 75 225
DL-K90-22 90 225
DL-K110-22 110 350
DL-K132-22 132 350

There are not accessories and version with DC control.

Degree of protection: IP 10 / IP 20

Relevant standard: EN 60947-4-1

The detailed technical description of the product family is in the printed catalogue or down loaded
CONTACTORS FROM 2,2 kW to 132 kW"
For further information see the GANZ KK

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